NEW Family Support Officer

24 October 2019

BDSRA Australia is excited to introduce Ms Laura Smith as our new Family Support Officer.  Laura works as a Social Worker at a hospital rehabilitation centre in Geelong, Victoria. She holds a Masters of Social Work and has previously worked for the National Disability Insurance Agency and as a Wish Coordinator for Make-A-Wish Australia.

Laura is mum to Maggie (aged 6) and to Matilda, who was diagnosed with late infantile Batten disease (CLN2) in 2012 and passed away, aged 7, in November 2013.  She is also the author of the beautiful blog – .

Laura is available to provide support to all families affected by Batten disease and will be developing new family support procedures over the coming weeks and months. If you have any ideas how BDSRA Australia could better support families, please contact Laura at

BDSRA Australia would also like to thank Ms Nicole Onrust, our previous Family Support volunteer, for all the love and support she has given to families in her role over the last few years.

Laura Smith - Family Support Officer