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Childhood Dementia - Let's FACE it together

8 September 2021

Thousands of Australian children are suffering and dying slowly from dementia, most will die before they turn 18, some will die in infancy. Batten disease is one of the most common forms of childhood dementia, and one of the biggest problems is that no one knows childhood dementia even exists.
To help raise awareness, the team at BDSRA Australia is getting behind the Childhood Dementia Initiative and their campaign for the first ever Childhood Dementia Day, this September 22nd.
You can join us and help make a difference: Paint your face, take a picture, and share it on your social media (with the hashtags below!)
Let’s make sure governments, researchers, social and health care professionals and communities know that this is a problem we cannot ignore. No family should be left to watch their child suffer and die.