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Dementia Support Australia's Childhood Dementia Support page

17 June 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of Dementia Support Australia’s Childhood Dementia Support page at:



DSA is here to support our families. Please consider if and how they can help you manage the dementia aspects of Batten disease.
DSA has trained consultants who understand childhood dementia and its related symptoms, the impact on the person with dementia, and carers and families. DSA provides professional and practical strategies and recommendations to support families caring for their child, to improve their quality of life.
Through its ongoing collaborative partnership with DSA, BDSRA Australia has played an instrumental role in training consultants to better understand Batten disease and childhood dementia, its impact on affected children, carers and families, and works together with DSA to provide professional and practical support to families.
To learn more about the childhood dementia support services offered by DSA, and to access these services, head over to their page.