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Batten Awareness Day

11 June 2021

What a day it was! We had some amazing posts on Batten Awareness Day and we’re sharing a few here (there’s too many to flood the page). See We wanted to say a big thank you to all who participated and helped open the eyes of the world.

Batten Disease Awareness Day
Batten Disease Awareness Day (
Today is international batten’s disease day which also means it’s Bounce 4 Batten. I am bouncing in honour of Matilda whilst also sporting my Ollie’s Army hoody. I am unashamedly going to attempt to flood my social media feeds today with all the bouncing pics and videos. Raising awareness is so so vital so health professionals can understand more about the disease and how best to treat these precious children. We need to keep raising awareness so we can keep research going so treatments and hopefully a cure can be found. These children deserve it.