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"Batten Disease Research – a UCL Perspective" - LIVE WEBINAR - Prof. Sara Mole, University College London (UCL)

11 June 2021

Join Prof. Mole, world-renowned expert in Batten disease research, as she speaks to families on the latest research and development of potential new treatments for Batten disease. A live discussion/Q&A will follow the main presentation.

When: Wednesday 14th July, 2021
Time: 8pm-9pm
Where: Online via Zoom (details will be sent upon RSVP)

We look forward to seeing you there!

About Sara Mole, PhD

Professor in Molecular Cell Biology

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology and UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London
Dr Mole is a Professor in Molecular Cell Biology at University College London (UCL) and her research has focused on Batten disease for nearly 30 years. Prior to this she read Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, completing research work in the field of cancer research for her PhD and two postdoctoral positions. Her focus on Batten disease began with applying what was a rapidly developing field of molecular genetics to the identification of genes underlying Batten disease. Dr Mole’s lab has specialised in using yeast as a simple cell model to understand the biology of CLN3 disease and to identify new targets and repurpose drugs for therapeutic development. Dr Mole acted as coordinator of BATCure, an EU H2020 project involving 14 partners that focused on three NCL membrane proteins. This included therapeutic development and applying gene therapy to target the visual failure as well as the neurodegeneration of the brain in mouse models of Batten disease.

Dr Mole is the senior editor of a specialised book on Batten disease, published in 2011 by Oxford University Press (a 3rd edition is in planning). She set up a web site in 1998 (NCL Resource – a gateway for Batten disease, that includes a database for mutations in NCL genes. She is a scientific advisor to the UK Batten Disease Family Association. Dr Mole organised the last international meeting on Batten disease (in 2018, Royal Holloway, London) with 270 participants including many family representatives.

Prof. Sara Mole, University College London (UCL)
Prof. Sara Mole, University College London (UCL)